WISE Women Kayak Around Ross Island

On Wednesday evening, June 22nd, 16 WISE women gathered on the docks of Riverside Moorage, undeterred by ominous-looking clouds and unseasonably cool temperatures.  We received our safety talk from our fearless guides from Portland Kayak Company, who taught us to use salsa hips and assured us that our boats couldn’t tip.  But then they gave us a speech about what to do if our boats did indeed tip over.  Portland Kayak Company was AWESOME – we highly recommend them.

Getting a safety talk from our awesome guides
Holly's looking good as she learns that she will be steering her tandem kayak.














We set off for Ross Island – under the I-5 bridge and then under the Ross Island bridge, hugging the shoreline to stay out of the way of speedboats, jet skis, giant yachts, dragon boats…turns out the the river is a super busy place.

The group with the I-5 Bridge in the background.
The sun comes out under the Ross Island Bridge
Molly is prepared with binoculars and several jackets. She does not get cold.
Heading home on the east side of Ross Island

The sun peaked out around the clouds as we left and kept us warm for most of the journey, but it definitely cooled down as we turned back towards the dock.  We saw bald eagles, an osprey nest, some sort of giant fish and an amazing sunset.  We also saw many dragon boats and felt grateful that no one was shouting instructions at us.

It was great trip!  Many thanks to the amazing women who made this trip a success – it was fantastic meeting all of you.

We’re excited for the next adventure – whitewater rafting on the White Salmon on July 27th!  Don’t miss out!!

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